Many studies and experiments have shown that using artificial light, in your indoor garden can significantly accelerate vegetable plant growth and heath. LED grow lights and optimized ventilation and nutrient irrigation are just some of the needs and challenges of having a indoor garden.

Do LED Grow Lights have advantages over the HPS(High Pressure Sodium) lamp?

LED Grow lamps deliver just the right light at the right wavelength and no additional and unwanted radiation(Heat). Three wavelengths or light spectrum are very important for growth and food production.

  1. Wavelength 460 nm (blue light): Supports above all vegetative growth and thus leaf growth
  2. Wavelength 612 nm (orange light): Supports and promotes flower growth
  3. Wavelength 660 nm (red light): Supports photosynthesis

The best results can be achieved with a combination of blue and red light. If you also want to increase the flower growth, you either choose a combination of all three spectral ranges or use only one orange LED plant lamp.

Using LED Grow lamp in your indoor garden is extremely economical in consumption, which is particularly important when using several lamps for your indoor growing.

Due to the virtually non-existent radiation heat, an LED plant lamp can be mounted at a short distance from the plants, which significantly increases efficiency.

[caption id="attachment_597" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Grow light LED grow-light[/caption]